Reit Price Company is the exclusive manufacturer and provider the Black Cat brand of mops.

Below is a sampling of some of the Black Cat Mops available. For a complete listing, please download our catalog.

Metal Band PantherBlack Cat – Cut End Mops

  • Heads Change with a Snap
  • Entire Head can be Used
  • No Need to Touch Soiled Mop
  • Available: 4 Ply Cotton, 8 Ply Cotton, 8 Ply Rayon, Blended Yarns, and Non-Woven Fabric

Metal Band Tiger
Black Cat – Looped Ends

  • Excellent Absorption Capabilities
  • Available: Cotton, Rayon, Blended Yarns, Anti-Microbial, Nylon, and Fine Yarns for Applying Finishes



Metal Band LionBlack Cat – Metal Band Mops

  • Superior Absorption and Durability
  • Available: 4 Ply Rayon/Cotton Blend, 4 Ply Rayon/Synthetic Blue, and Non-Woven Materials